What the Cat Sees


Wind chimes tinkle

A lullaby on the wind

Roses and white lilies

Blow a warm soft kiss

Butterflies dance with

Silver winged fairies

Between the lilacs and

The pink flowered trees

In that secret place

Under the willow tree

Those eyes

Stare and listen

Slow sliver notes

Thrill the wind

Where little shadows

Toss and spin

Dancing the


In their silver and blue

Such a sweet place to play

They open their wings

And flutter away

Lying at length

In the tall grass

Content and still

Quick eyes follow into

The sunshine over the

Enchanted willow

Light sighs the breeze

Ruffling the tall grass

Wind chimes tinkle

Roses and white lilies blow

Soft warm Kisses

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

4 thoughts on “What the Cat Sees

  1. So delicate and beautiful. You are very talented indeed. So very happy to have found your Poems. I really asm very impressed!


  2. Hi there Annie, glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. I see you have some strange fascination with cats…..:)

    This was a great read, another great poet I found I can learn from.


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