I Never Was A Real Thing


I never was a real thing

Did you think me so

I am just a fancies

A half believed

Once upon a time

A forgotten scent

So dim, so frail

Nothing to seek or keep

For I never was a real thing

Did you think me so

A vexing echo of

Something forgotten

Something lost

A little madness

In the night

All that was lost

Shall seem in your

Arms again

A dead rose blooms

And a dream comes true

Wild rose breath

Across your lips

The echoing of laughter

Dearest bitterness

Fondest sin

Where broken

Fairy Tales forgot

What they had been

Tangled memories

Spin upon the breeze

Forgotten things seem

Nearly found

Things almost seen

Tip toeing around

Lilies, butterflies and bees

Satin ribbons, white lace

True love and happiness

Love is a cruel

Thing and everlasting

Nothing that was

Done can ever

Be undone

I wonder why I do not fade

Into the nothing that I am

For I never was a real thing

Just emptiness in and out

No reflection in the mirror

No thoughts in my head

No heart to hate or love

Just emptiness

Nothing at all of

Love now do I know

No kiss or word

Will bring love back

I never was a real thing

Did you think me so?

Posted by

Reality and I have quarrelled. This is where I go so he can't find me, my Other Place. Here I can spin my Fancies and Fiction, as I wander among the Stars and listen as they whisper their secret to the moon. My name is Annie, I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself. I love cats, listening to the blues, the mountains more than the beach, being lazy, writing my fancies and fiction and I also love to crochet. That's me and this is my Other Place.

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