Who I am

I wish I may

I wish I might

Have this wish

I wish tonight

To go back

And start over

To right my wrongs

To change my mistakes

To be the person

I could have been

Instead of who I am

Sad and lonely is

Who I am

No one to love

Or love me back

Night after night

In my empty house

Is who I am

The little bites and

Pieces of happiness

That fall down on me

Are not enough to

Dispel the gloom

That surrounds me

Alas, wishing does not

Make it so

I cannot go back and

Become the person

I could have been

The gloom is

Who I am

It fills me

With its darkness

It’s heartbreak and sorrow

It is all I know

All I remember

It must be the

True me

Happiness is the


With its rainbow and laughter

Sun shine and flowers

Love an illusion

Like the fairy bells

Ringing in the wind

So sweet and so

Far far away

From nowhere and never

Where I am

Tears fall down

Like rain on my

Garden of sorrow

The sun does not shine

Only flowers of woe

And thorns grow

How mad I am

How sad I am

Sorrow is who I am

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

One thought on “Who I am

  1. You certainly conveyed sorrow, or better said a wrenching inner battle of a person. Loved the them, and how it was written. Don´t we all regret certain things we did, certain decisions we took that has lead us to be in the place we are currently and feel we could have taken a better route before. Now, what I´v learned, though my beautiful mind 😉 is that regret is a bad word. You can´t walk into a travel machine and go to the past and change things, what done it´s done, so no point in beating my head against the wall constantly. Accept responsibility and look at where you are right now and how to do things better in the now and for the future. Just a thought from a simple man.


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