Breath The Air of Dreams


Breath the air of dreams

Stars – wishes in the night

The Moon cast her

Spell upon us all

My thoughts, they float

Light as a butterfly among

The white fire of the stars

To  be something by being nothing

I forgot things, as I have

Forgotten time, death, love, you

The dream that smiled

And trailed sweet memories

I hope for magic; mystery endures

Looking for enchantment

And a little madness

In the moonlight

I am touched everywhere

By the sweet wild rose breath

Of the wind, as it

Breathes slowly, as

It breathes my name

Something restless, something strange

Whispers hurrying down the air

All things know a eerie change

Strange and twisted

Slip the bright mask

Unclasp the domino

Watch the leaves

Of the eternal rose

Drop one by one

There are no miles to go

No steps to climb

It is bright and full of curious things

I have seen it between dawn and sleeping

Silver and lovely

And they do not let

It have tears

Laughter rings clearest

Like a pretty rose

Day – joy and light

Night – starry –  thrilled

My eyes are full

Of wonderful things

Enchanted things

Wishful things

Faithful, kind, wise, loving

My ears of the  tinkling

Of the Fairy Bells

White wings flashing

In the night sky

Pipers play – strange music

As you dance on eternally

But it is not true

A fools fable, a great dream

A dream that needs all my strength

A cowardly hiding dream

My life is not

Silver and lovely

It is darkness under the midnight sky

And faithful, kind, wise and loving

Well they are like

The Fairy Bells

An idiot’s glamour

I do not live in dreams

Breath The Air of my


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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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