Nowhere and Never


In the quiet stillness

Of the midnight hour – wishing hour

Soft scented rain

Whispers me sigh for sigh

Rose scent and shine of stars

Let me exist for a

Little while, wrap

Myself in darkness

In that secret place

Hush’d in the haunting

Of nowhere and never

As far as forever and ever

I wish to disappear

To the land of

Never Never

To be in the

Sweet essence of oblivion

‘Tis a long way to

Nowhere and Never

Time darkens to its darkest

In what once was my soul

I am a ghost, a shadow

No longer real

I discover that truth

By gazing into the mirror

The darkness consumes me

In the nights dark rain

No light to find my way

In the sadness of this place

Far though the endless

Night, no smiles no tears

Only emptiness

The crystal of silence

Is broken

Soft scented rain

Whispers me night’s last breath

Dearest bitterness

As I weep out my woes

Me and my sad ways

I start to fade away

Soon there will be nothing

Left of me to save

From this dark place

There is no escape

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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