I love PINK


l love Pink

 love it in all its flavors

If it comes in Pink I wear it

Hot pink, light pink, soft pink

Candy pink, baby pink, sweet pink


 Pink it’s not just a color

It’s a Attitude!

Life is Pink, is life

It is my happy color, it makes me smile

If it is pink or sparkly, yes I want it


Everything is better in Pink

Do you have this in Pink?

I feel pretty in Pink

It gos with everything

I  live my life in my own

Little Pink Fairy Take


I see nothing wrong with that

Anything is possible with

A little Pink

Pink is in the heart

And yes I do

Dream in Pink

Sweet pink moon, baby pink stars

cotton candy clouds

‘Tis the realm of me

Something Pink with sprinkles please!


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Reality and I have quarrelled. This is where I go so he can't find me, my Other Place. Here I can spin my Fancies and Fiction, as I wander among the Stars and listen as they whisper their secret to the moon. My name is Annie, I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself. I love cats, listening to the blues, the mountains more than the beach, being lazy, writing my fancies and fiction and I also love to crochet. That's me and this is my Other Place.

4 thoughts on “I love PINK

      1. Actually! Pink fan forever!
        And for a pink fan to read that work – AMAZING! It’s so well written… You described the pretty colour so well. 🙂 thank you.

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