Only For Me


In my secret place

Under the full moon

Who is there? Me – Me who?

I can give myself to dreams

Whispering poems in my ear as I sleep

I shall wander here within

The bliss of the summer night

Moon and stars – incandescent

With love which lights

Up the darkness

I walk through fields of flowers

I have the delusion that you are with me

At this moment we are the happiest people

In the world – a glimpse

This dream which obsesses me

At the beginning

Stars filled the world

Lilies and roses – perfumed

The warm summer breeze and

Tangled my tangled memories

Of You and me

Anticipation – slow build

We linger at each brush

Of lips on lips – gathering

Toward the last breath

Nuzzling neck, belly, breasts

Holding me – holding you

There’s laughter where our

Lips are touching

I close my eyes

You are the stars in my dream

The bright dreaming moon

In the sky

You encircle my heart

With your heart

Who knows, the delusion

That you are?

Nothing last forever

In my secret place, under

The full moon – the night

Smells Like you

I found our old love letters

Full of poems- they were

Only For me

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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