Wishes That Cannot Be

In the lost and beautiful past

Along the road of dreams

I wander where there are no murmurings

My path, my way, my wandering

Steps do stray and

Blossomed from the

Dust that was me

Vain is the hope the magic

To the delicate mind

To watch the pale

Moon’s melancholy ray

And wish – wishes that cannot be

Dearest remembrance consume

Me through and through

And leave but ash and

The bliss of eternity

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

7 thoughts on “Wishes That Cannot Be

    1. Would you please tell me what you think about this poem? Someone on another site said some things.I don’t know why I’m letting it bother me because all they do is wtite bad Haiku, and it is bad!to tell you the
      truth I don’t even think they read it before they commented and told me what was wrong with it. They gave me a favorite line from my poem, the only thing was it was not from my poem, it had nothing to do with my poem.


      1. I never comment on anything unless I think it’s good. I’ll tell you one thing and I mean it from experience. If someone says bad about your writing ignore it. Only if you’re ever told something that’s right pay attention. Some folk are just bad. If you can’t say something good don’t say anything at all, I was told.


      2. Me too, if I don’t like a poem I just go to the next one. Oh well, I was mad and told him off, I told him he should read a poem before he starts telling someone what is wrong with it and that I did not care if he did not like it because I did not write it for him. I guess I should not have done that. It just made me mad that he did not even know what the poem was about.


      3. Thank you, and it did make me feel better! I know not everyone one is going to like my poems and that is fine. I’m like you, if you can’t say something nice then just don’t say any thing at all.


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