Broken Fairy Tale


Thorns and roses

Cover these castle walls

Hus’d in the haunting

Of nowhere and never

As far as forever and ever

Wherever that maybe

Pretty rain falls softly

On this kingdom of fancies and fiction

Welcome to my broken Fairy Tale

Wish I may, wish I might

Have my wish, my hearts desire

No sweet kiss for this rose

Only thorns twining about my heart

I thought I could disappear

Make a new start – to the

Land of Never Never

But Prince Charming is dead

And there are to many fucking frogs to kiss

And all the Knights wear black

I cannot  hide here either

There is no happy ending

I cannot escape her

She is always fast behind

You cannot out run

The madness within

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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