A Wishful Tear


Now my heart no longer wonders

Now the long, long darkness

In unbroken bliss instead

Lost, ‘ tis true in his

Everlasting embracing arms

Though life become a dreary waste

The leaves may fall

The flowers may fade and pass away

Recalling other days

And so I should be loved by

Icy hands and frozen lips

Let me feel them now

Beyond the ever and the never

And I’ll welcome you with thy caresses

Madly throw the world away

All of love, all of life

Dear friend, take all there is

Take hand and heart

Sadly, I know

My strength is sighing

Not worth a wishful tear

And so I lie happily in

My lover’s arms

Sweet Melancholy

Posted by

Reality and I have quarrelled. This is where I go so he can't find me, my Other Place. Here I can spin my Fancies and Fiction, as I wander among the Stars and listen as they whisper their secret to the moon. My name is Annie, I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself. I love cats, listening to the blues, the mountains more than the beach, being lazy, writing my fancies and fiction and I also love to crochet. That's me and this is my Other Place.

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