The Music Never Heard


No one could ever hurt me
I did that on my own just fine
I could shed enough tears
To flood the entire earth
But tears are a waste of
My time

Looking into the mirror
Of my life – watching days pass by
I don’t recognize my own face
One step forward two in reverse
The past is my future
Too a darkened past

The clock won’t turn back
For someone to say goodbye
I look for the chance
That’s never near

I hide behind a darkened sky
To scared to stand up
And face life
All I want, is all you took

A moment in time
A star in the universe of my heart
The music never heard

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Reality and I have quarrelled. This is where I go so he can't find me, my Other Place. Here I can spin my Fancies and Fiction, as I wander among the Stars and listen as they whisper their secret to the moon. My name is Annie, I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself. I love cats, listening to the blues, the mountains more than the beach, being lazy, writing my fancies and fiction and I also love to crochet. That's me and this is my Other Place.

11 thoughts on “The Music Never Heard

  1. Thank you, Richard. My life is better for reading this poem. And thank you, Annie. You seem to be doing a very good job at the “human” thing (with a special emphasis on the “u” and a telescope lens on “man.”)

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