That House

Moving is wonderful and awful
Wonderful because it is a new beginning
Awful because you have
Years of stuff and it is overwhelming
And you get to the point when
You just want to leave it all behind

Wonderful because you are
Happy for the first time
In a long time
Awful because you are
Leaving your memories

You raised 3 children
In that house
You kicked out your
Cheating ass husband
In that house

Thanksgiving,  taking pictures
Out in the orchard,  the strange
Tree with the hole in the middle
All the happy Christmas
And not so happy
In that house

Andrew died a mile away
From that house
My daughter’s moved away
And left me all alone
In that house

I am so happy to be leaving
That house
Full of wonderful and awful

Posted by

Reality and I have quarrelled. This is where I go so he can't find me, my Other Place. Here I can spin my Fancies and Fiction, as I wander among the Stars and listen as they whisper their secret to the moon. My name is Annie, I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself. I love cats, listening to the blues, the mountains more than the beach, being lazy, writing my fancies and fiction and I also love to crochet. That's me and this is my Other Place.

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