Bad Penny


Some people are to stay a memory
A once – upon – a – time
A not so charming – prince charming
But there you go
Showing up with a whole lot
Of memories and a handful of regrets

My very own ghost
That sits down next to me
And buys me a drink
Forever reminding me
Of all you took away with you

Are insanity and love
The same thing?
How about obsession
Can it lead to addiction?
Then there is infatuation
Or do you call it fascination?
Are they all one in the same?

Your the demon
I just can’t get rid of
The bad penny of
Past lives that I’m
Not really sure even existed

You’ll never be a star
Within my sky
I don’t want you back
For I am no longer the
Sun in your blue sky
And you were never my

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

4 thoughts on “Bad Penny

  1. Powerful and I could identify with what you had to say word for word. I love your “voice.” The last stanza blew me away. Interestingly, you like 7 of the 12 blogs I follow. Sometimes I randomly click on an image in someone’s elses comments, and you popped up! Have a great day!

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