To Capitalize or Not


To capitalize or not to capitalize
That is the question?
And this is my answer

Capitalizing the first letter of
Each beginning word in a line
Of poetry,  came first
It is traditional, been around
Since the beginning of poetry

But nothing stays the same
Not even poetry
And why should it?

And one day a young poet
Decided he didn’t want
To capitalize,  so he didn’t

Maybe he was just lazy
Or maybe he just wanted
To be different, try something new
After all it is just capitalizing
Not the end of the world

Now I was not around
When the young poet
Decided to change the rules
But I think the old
Traditional poet was not happy
And told the young poet
He was wrong

But the young poet
Stood his ground
It was his poem
And his freedom of choice

And what do you know
Not capitalizing was a hit
Out with the old
And in with the new

And there is nothing
Wrong with that
New is good
But please don’t forget

We still have freedom of choice
To capitalize or not to capitalize
Neither is right and neither is wrong
And after all it is my poem

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

4 thoughts on “To Capitalize or Not

    1. I was told on another poetry site, that I should not use caps, that I should edit my poem and repost. Well all that did was piss me off, the person had nothing to say about the content of my poem, I don’t even think they read it. So I was pretty sure that I had done nothing wrong but just to be on the safe side I Google it lol……Capitalizing maybe out of fashion but not wrong, and that is what I told the person. In a very respectful way. I also did not edit my poem, and wrote this one lol…..

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      1. Yes, I agree. I think it is the choice of the poet. But to tell someone to go edit their work, like their word is law. just did not set right with me. I must confess, my first thought was not respectful or polite. But I was a good girl and did not go with telling them just what they could do with their comment!

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