Fairytale Christmas

I hate Christmas
I really try not to, I really do
No that is a lie
I don’t hate Christmas
I hate me playing makebelieve
To not hate it

I take that smile
Out of its box
And put it on
And wear that damn
Thing all month long

I even decorate the house
Make it all pretty and perfect
To match my makebelieve smile

Now for the only
Bright spot in this fairytale
The presents, lots and lots
Of presents, to go under
My non-existing Christmas tree

I shop until I drop
Spend money I don’t have
But no worries
My makebelieve smile
Is still working

Its Christmas morning
No one here but me
I take that damn smile off
Put it back in its box

The fairytale has ended
I really do hate Christmas

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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