First Things First

When I showed you

the darkest, deepest

most hidden parts of me

I thought you would run

but not you – you smiled

oh – hell

it’s my turn to run

I know that look

poor little thing is broke

and needs fixing

first things first

I am not a princess

and if you call me

that again – you will

be the one who

needs fixing

Now for the important stuff

I may have a tiny bit of

darkness within

but without darkness

you would never see

the stars shining

OK – so I don’t believe in love

I do believe in lust

now just think about that

love – relationship – commitment

babies – no more Friday nights

with the boy’s

and that sport car you love

got to go

don’t look at me like that

no back seat

where are you going

to put the car seats?

we need a mini van

I got him on

the ropes now

his smile fading and

yes – I see the shadow

of fear in his eyes

now look who’s smiling

before you make

that run for the door

we have one more

thing to talk about

what I do believe in

oh my – his smile is back

but this one makes

me melt not run

first things first

I’m not broken and

I don’t need fixing

and i’m sure as hell not

looking for prince charming

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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