Vicious Kisses

i am your quietness
i am your pleasure
your passion my touch
your joy my kiss

there is nothing but you
with dark eye’s
and a smile that makes
me forget that i hate you

you decorate my lips with lies
that connect us in a beautiful misery
your wicked words
that forbidden dark
you see me

you – the forever after
salvation in your kiss
twisted by the faith
my soul in all
it’s fragments
you have it in your hands

there is no life
in the air we breathe
us, a once upon a time
a fantasy for when
i close my eye’s
in a silent house

and you nothing more
than, rough fingertips
calloused words
and vicious kisses

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

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