Desperation and Happy Endings

not wishing what
i hope for
not holding what
i have
i am petals
lost on the wind

i write
when i can no
longer cry
silent voice in
the midst of sorrow

i dwell in dreams
i have left this
world i never wanted
i leave this life
i never needed
a ghost haunting it’s
own memory

what is left
desperation and happy endings
not the secrets
but the questions

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

7 thoughts on “Desperation and Happy Endings

    1. Happy you like it my friend, sorry you can relate to it. Have you ever got to the point when you just could not stand yourself? I’m there, I’m going to write something happy if it kills me!

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      1. Oh YES. I DO understand that. Hey, don’t kill yourself lol. Actually, I love what you write because it is so honest, and we don’t have to “buck up” and “smile” or do anything that other people seem to require of us, when we read your writing. It is as it is, and it often reflects EXACTLY what I feel. But if you do write something happy, then I will smile with you. As long as you are not dead lol

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      2. Don’t worry, not in the mood to kill myself. But I am getting on my nerves😠 I do have a funny one, or I think it is funny, but it has fuck in it, a lot. So not to sure how that would go over.

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      3. Oh Annie. I love the word fuck. It would ‘t worry me. No, I. Eant when you said you would write a happy one if it kills you, and I was like, oh NOOO don’t die doung it. Please post the funny one. Lots of others in here use the word fuck!

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      4. I love the word fuck too! It always express just how you feel. I fucking love you, I fucking hate you. Don’t you fucking touch me, please fucking touch me. It is the prefect word! It is a old poem and kind of corny but I will post it any way😆


      5. Great. I so agree about the word fuck. It has a ring that no other word has. You can keep your bloodys and buggers and sod its! There)s nothing wuite like Fuck it lol

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