People Change

nothing that was done
can ever be undone
foolish things, trivial things
things i did to you
and you did to me

for the sake of love
we cry we hurt
we lie and only
whisper the truth
talking to the moon
and wishing on the stars

looking for answers and lost
people change
sometimes you outgrow people
sometimes they outgrow you
to cease being lovers
is to become strangers

you will always be there
broken into small pieces
tucked away
in the attic of me
between dreams and reality

how is it
that we love
so very much harder
when there is
nothing left?

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

13 thoughts on “People Change

    1. It is sad but it happens, romantic love does not last, relationships take a lot of work, people want everything to be easy and perfect. And in a perfect world I guess you can have the perfect fairytale ending. But we both know this is not a perfect world.

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      1. Never be sorry for being a friend asking about my troubles, I thank you for caring 🌹 she has been very quiet since I told her she was wasting her breath with her poison words, that she is nothing to me not even worth hating. The look on her face was priceless, she was shocked. She thinks she can say and do anything and she just has a free pass to forgiveness.
        People always have the wrong impression of me, I’m quite and don’t get into other people’s business, I’m easygoing, not hard to get along with, I speak with a soft voice, I’m only 5 feet tall, they look at me and think I’m sweet, nice. They never listen when I tell them that no, I’m a selfish bitch. well now she believes me, I’m done with her. And that is the best revenge because she can’t stand to be ignored! I don’t give a fuck about her, but she cares what I think about her, she wants, needs everyone to like her, think she is a good person. But she has burned all her bridges, soon she will be out on the streets with all the other drunks, and I will not give her a second thought. Just so you know, I never tell anyone I’m sweet or nice and when they say it I always tell them the truth, no I’m a selfish bitch. It is not my fault if no one listen.

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