The Night’s Sky

in the emptiness
there’s no forgetting
there’s no forgiving
you must choose
if you wish to sleep with
nightmares or dreams

to enjoy the darkness
in the absence of light
no sun shines
no moon, no stars
just me, under
the night’s sky

this walk was never lonely
being alone is the
only place i
feel safe

the silence
plays the most
beautiful music
let me go
and i shall float
away with the wind

for if the walls disappear
just let yourself wander
sky high
is not blue at all
an easy place
to be the smile
not the tears

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Not much to tell, antisocial, bipolar, loner, poet. That's me in 4 word's.

5 thoughts on “The Night’s Sky

      1. Not great, well ok, I don’t know lol……. I moved! That part is good, no drunk roommate to put up with. Found a tiny house in a very nice backyard, just big enough for me! The move was not planned so I didn’t have time to save any money, so now I am broke! I have 3 dollars to my name and overdrawn at the bank. stressed out, depressed, feeling sorry for myself, having a wonderful pity party but lonely, I’m the only one here!

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